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RE: upgrading from libc5 to libc6?

Look at http://www.gate.net/~storm for the libc5 to libc6 howto.

On 17-Dec-97 paul@experimental.braille.uwo.ca wrote:
>hi everybody is there a howto on upgrading from libc5 to libc6.  When I do
>a dpkg -i of libc6.deb it tells me that it conflicts with libc5.  Any
>suggestions?  Where is the howto?  I've been looking in the archives but
>could not see any reference to it.

Please do not look directly into laser with remaining eye.

E-Mail: Mark Ciciretti <mciciretti@dzn.com>
Date: 17-Dec-97
Time: 12:52:02


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