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Getting 'cpuload' to compile under hamm

I'm having trouble getting a silly little program called 'cpuload' to
compile under hamm. It's just a little app that sits in the Afterstep
Wharf and shows the system load as a colored bar. 

The program compiles fine on a libc5 system, but on hamm, the
configure.in tests for a function in libXpm called
XpmCreatePixmapFromData -- but a quick nm in /usr/X11R6/lib/libXpm.a
tells me there's no such function.

Erm, where did it go? The configure fails because it can't find this

And yes, I do have xpmblah-dev installed :)

The source is available on

If anyone figures out what the problem is and lets me know, I'd be
much obliged.


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