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Re: PPP: /etc/ppp/ip-{up,down} query.

Daniel Martin at cush <dtm12@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu> wrote:
> wnoise@ugcs.caltech.edu (Aaron Denney) writes:
> > Why does /etc/ppp/ip-up unnecessarily ifconfig the ppp device?  I don't
> > believe this is necessary, as ppp appears to set up the device properly
> > on its own.  As I understand it this file is meant for setting up routes,
> > or doing various random hacks at connection time (flushing mail queue, etc.)
> Hmmm... The default /etc/ppp/ip-up that came with my debian CD (ppp
> package version 2.2.0f-23) doesn't do that.  (it just sets the path
> for subsequent, user-added commands).

Wacky.  The latest hamm .deb also has only the path defined.  I am
guessing the ifconfigs got in there a while ago, and the files were not
updated with the rest of ppp.  In any case, thanks for your confirmation
that these aren't necessary.

Aaron Denney

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