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FastSCSI Card recommendations

G'day everybody --

I decided to invest into new computer, and since I already have two
SCSI-2 HD's (Quantum and IBM), I'd like to keep them. My current system
is VLB-based so I have to buy a new card for PCI-based pentium class
system. I am looking into choosing between three diff adapters at the
	-NCR 53C810-based card from swt -looks inexpensive (a BIG plus)
	-DTC3130B (NCR53C815-based) PNP board (medium pricing, readily
accessible in Toronto area but I don't like PNP thingy)
	-SIIG FastSCSI PRO board (apparently comes with the Linux drivers,
and you could compile a kernel with advansys support)

M/board could be Tekram P5T30-A4 (relatively inexpensive), running AMD
K6-200 overclocked at either 3x75 MHz or 2.5x83 MHz.
Does anybody have any opinions on the above cards running at those bus
speeds (37.5MHz or 41.5MHz)?


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