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Re: lilo and dosemu

tmalloy  <tmalloy@escape.com> writes:
t> It is my understanding that you cannot use dosemu to access
t> partitions which use the lilo boot system.

Why not?  The only rule I'm aware of is that you can't use DOSEMU
directly on a mounted filesystem -- though IIRC you can use lredir to
gain access to that, too.

t> This seems to indicate that the boot partition, normally dev/hda1,

There's no "normal" boot partition; it's whatever partition has its
active flag set.  On my system, this is /dev/hda2.

t> cannot be DOS on a dual boot system if you intend to use dosemu
t> from linux.  Two solutions are suggested by this. One repartion the
t> harddrive so that /dev/hda1 is Linux and not DOS.  Two change the
t> booting processs, perhaps by some adjustment to the MBR, so that
t> the machine does not boot from /dev/hda1 but from some other non
t> DOS partition

You can install LILO on the MBR of /dev/hda, which would get around
this.  Or you can install LILO on your Linux partition, which works as 
well.  AFAIK you can't install LILO on a DOS partition at all and
still expect it to work.

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