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Re: Motherboard with Adaptec 2940

>>>>> "Jimmy" == Jimmy Lu <kintaro@silver.hkabc.net> writes:

    Jimmy> Hi All, I am thinking to buy a motherboard with SCSI
    Jimmy> controller.  A local newspaper advertised Iwill motherboard
    Jimmy> with Adaptec 2940U Ultra SCSI controller.  Does Debian
    Jimmy> support such motherboard?  The manufacturer has a web site
    Jimmy> @ http://www.iwill.com.tw I appreciate it if someone could
    Jimmy> tell me pros and cons after used the board.  Thanks in
    Jimmy> advance.  Jimmy Lu

I have this board, and use it with my K6/200 processor.

I have very few complaints, but I did have to go to iwill's web site
and upgrade the BIOS on the motherboard before Linux would even boot :)

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