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Re: Debian/WindowsNT partitioning

If you can boot a DOS session, you might want to try doing a fdisk/mbr on
that drive.  Not being sure just exactly what you are trying to do though,
realize that issuing the above command _will_ wipe out everything on the
drive.  If you do run the command, it would be a pretty good idea to take
a look at your CMOS settings.  Besides all of the other stuff recommended
for Linux operation (like no shadow ROM, no BIOS virus checking, no BIOS
APS, etc.), be sure that the BIOS is set to handle the size of that drive
(ie:  LBA or its equivalent should be enabled).

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On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, Marc Fleureck wrote:

> Hi,
> System: PC with SCSI Quantum hard disk 3G and NT4 installed
> I have created 3 primary partitions of type NTFS
> I would like to create 2 linux partitions: system+swap but cfdisk 
> gives an error when writing the partition table:
> "FATAL ERROR: Cannot seek on disk drive"
> I am able to recover using the NT4 disk administrator.
> Regards,
> Marc

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