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Re: Problem installing Debian 1.3

Dale Scheetz writes:
> On 8 Dec 1997, Sten Anderson wrote:
> > > 
> > > That's the problem-------------------------------------^^^^^^^^^
> > > 
> > > When You install debian (or most other distributions), you must remove these 
> > > pseudo-partitions as only DOS understands them. 
> > 
> > Are you saying that linux can't handle logical partitions? I am
> > currently running linux on logical partitions, so I gues I have proven
> > you wrong.
> > 
> While I can see how you got that impression (It looked that way to me as
> well), I believe what he is refering to is the difference between using
> DOS fdisk and Linux fdisk (or cfdisk). Logical partitions created with DOS
> fdisk are completely unusable by Linux, and often will result in cfdisk
> reporting a broke partition table. Using the original DOS tool to remove
> these partitions and replacing them using the Linux tool will usually
> recover the problem.

Thanks Dale! The original poster had used the DOS fdisk to create the logical
partition and of course was having trouble. To all the defenders of logical
partitions, hey what can I say? Properly created partitions are quite usable,
logical or otherwise. 

> Linux, in general, and Debian, specifically, run quite nicely from a
> logical partition. This e-mail was sent from a system runing on a logical
> partition, so I know that part is true. I have had reports from others who
> have thought they were "getting ahead of the game" by creating their
> partitions in DOS before beginning the Debian install, and were disturbed
> to find that Debian didn't think there were any partitions available, or
> worse yet that their partition table was broken. Removing them with the
> DOS tool has always fixed this problem in the past.

I have a question for you... What happens to the Linux partitions sitting in a
"extended" partition if the extended partition gets accidently _trashed_?
(like from a virus)

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