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Re: Getting info from X

	Hello, Paul!

	My previous question was:

>>>>> "Adalberto" == Adalberto da Silva <adalbert@iag.usp.br> writes:

    Adalberto> Hello users,

    Adalberto> 	Excuses for my silly question:

    Adalberto> 	How can I get information from X to know resolution
    Adalberto> and color depth of my actual server?

    Adalberto> 	Well, I can change resolution with that 'three keys
    Adalberto> effort' but I don't know exactly how many colors were
    Adalberto> displayed and how many lines&columns each screen was
    Adalberto> working.

    Adalberto> 	Thanks,
	I hope you can help me.

	Best regards,


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