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New Debian Install


Ok...I got a copy of the latest Debian with my Boot magazine. I made the
Rescue and Driver disks via Rawrite2.

Cyrix Based 486DX2-50
16mb RAM
AHA1542CF - IRQ=11 ID=6 Port=330 Base Add=DC000h (Adaptec SCSI)
Seagate 31200N ID=0 (1.2 Gig)
HP 3323 ID=1 (1.2 Gig)

Now, my problem is that when I boot off the rescue disk, it seems to see my
scsi controller fine, and it seems to see my HP drive only. When i try
disconnecting the HP and leaving the Seagate at ID 0 - the install cant
find a HD to partition. When I change the seagate's id to other than 0 (ive
tried 1 and 2 so far) I get the same thing. But, weather i leave the
seagate connected or not, if the HP is connected, Install sees it and will
partition it. So..am i outta luck using the Seagate? am i destined to only
have a gig on my linux box? HELP!!!

J. Wilson

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