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StarOffice,printing and deskjets, again

One more time please.

Here's the setup:
Linux 2.0.30 (debian, of course)
StarOffice 3.1 installed from the latest .deb installer
HP870Cse printer
magicfilter 1.2-10 (debian distribution)
gs-aladdin 5.03 (.deb install )
The rest is the usual stuff, everything works, except the printing.

Normal text printing works fine.
I am assuming that the StarWriter program uses postscript format, but even with the default installation, which uses the  dj550c filter, no luck getting anything except all the formatting commands printed out.



The dj550c-filter has not been changed at all and appears to have the necessary calls to gs with the  cdj550 driver.
The file appears to be bypassing the assorted routings through the filters and printing raw.

Any help would be appreciated.  I can always provide more info.


tony mollica
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