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Re: EPP Driver

On Fri, Dec 05, 1997 at 10:05:54PM -0500, Lou5212 wrote:
> I'm trying to optain or download the EPP Driver which is said to increase
> loading time to at least 18 to 24 megs a min.
> My Zip is so slow I loose my patience.
> I have a 166mhz can you please tell me how I can increase loading time.

No - but I'll try and *decrease* loading time.  Try checking your BIOS
settings, try using "EPP" - on one machine I have "ECP&EPP" worked fine, but
on another it wouldn't. You'll never get 28-24MB/min - don't believe the
specifications. I havn't tuned it (I leave FIFO checking on), but I get
2-3MB/min which is fine for my purposes.

> Please note that Im using a paralell port.

I'd hope so - otherwise the EPP driver is a bit useless :-)


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