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Re: Ink Jet Printers

> HP 694c DeskJet
> Epson Stylus Color 600
> These printers aren't listed as either compatible
> or non-compatible in the hardware compatibility
> HOWTO.    Is anyone using either of these printers
> or know if they work with Debian?
> The HP uses HP PCL level 3 language.
> The Epson uses ESC/P2 language.
Heh, I'm about to buy a printer too. Those are the same two I'm
considering. The Epson 800 isn't enough of an improvement to warrant an
extra $190 Canadian. I'll probably go with the Epson as I want to be able
to do at least 600x600 in color (HP 694C can only do 600x300 color).

Basically, the way printing works on non-postscript printers is you
use ghostscript to interpret the postscript and convert it into something
your printer can understand. Ghostscript knows both PCL 3 and ESC/P2.

I haven't figured out from the docs whether support for a language
means that all printers that use that language are supported.
I'm sure it means that you can get at least some functionality, but are
there other issues involved that may affect quality or what features
you can access?

One thing I read is that HP has better blacks than other brands. These
new Epsons are using new inks and I'm wondering whether there is any
improvement. I'm going to do some output comparison tomorrow.
As with computers, it's tempting to put off buying a new printer as
tomorrow's technology is so promising.

- Jay

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