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Re: hostname

>>"Greg" == Greg Green <greg@advantagecom.com> writes:

Greg> I am currently working just fine on my LAN, however, I need to
Greg> change my host name only. What files would I modify to do so?  I
Greg> know I need to change the /etc/hosts, but I do knot know what
Greg> others need to be changed.  Any input would be helpful.

	From a recent post by Nils Rennebarth:

>>"Nils" == Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.de>  writes:

Nils> What did the trick for me:

Nils> 1) change /etc/hostname then say
Nils>    % hostname --file /etc/hostname
Nils> 2) change IP-address entry in /etc/hosts
Nils> 3) rerun sendmailconfig
Nils> 4) change /etc/resolv.conf if domain changed too
Nils> 5) change /etc/mailname

Nils> (Did I forget something?)

Nils> No reboot is necessary.

Nils> Nils

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