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Re: Philosophical question

The question below and recent email about commercializing Debian inspired
me to add ammo for some, maybe information for others.  If 'commercializing'
is a bad word, just view it as 'clearing up some common misconceptions
about linux, Debian specifically,' but anyway: 

I think Debian should highlight on this - that upgrading often is
necessary in today's environment (or at least the University's which
I can speak for).  Security bugs and fixes are issued near daily it
seems.  Faculty, staff, and students all want the latest and greatest
software.  People at home merely browsing the web want plugins and
software, and they too are being attacked even over dialup - mostly
due to the devlopement of the web where users are exposed to much
more tools and software, and also where 12 year old clowns can
take down systems after 5 minutes of searching.  (For every
powerful tool, there comes a downfall)

Ever try installing a MS product?  What if you could tell the poor,
frustrated people that have to that it could be as simple as 'ftp'
and 'dpkg -i *' ?? (In most upgrading cases) 

I am the admin for about 140 Suns, which isn't quite Debian,
(yeah I know, but it pays my bills), but it is way closer than MS!
I find upgrading so much easier than what I see our NT admins
go through on just one of our labs (34 Machines).

My humble opinion, in which no way represents my employer, :)
dpk <dpk@egr.msu.edu>, Systems/Network         |  work: 353.4844
Division of Engineering Computing Services     |  page: 222.5875

On Thu, 4 Dec 1997, George Bonser wrote:

> I upgrade weekly.  Since the ftp method in deselect makes this painless,
> it is no trouble at all.  Going from bo to hamm is likely to be a problem
> for some and WILL be a major source of traffic on this list but as far as 
> incremental upgrades within a major release, weekly is fine for me.  It
> actually makes it EASIER because only a few packages are installed
> per week vs. dozens of packages if it is put off for several weeks.
> I also have one system running unstable that I pull the package list for
> and upgrade almost daily since hamm seems to be still very dynamic.
> On 4 Dec 1997, Larry G. Gariepy Jr. wrote:
>> I hope I don't sound heretical:  I imagine that a lot of people like
>> the fact that there is something new to try every week or two. :) (or more
>> often?)  But practically, how often do people think it is worth the
>> upgrade major software components?  Every six months?  Every year?
>> Thanks in advance for your (humble) opinions :)
>> Larry Gariepy
>> gariepy@dartmouth.edu
>> Disclaimer:  The views expressed in my opinions are not necessarily my own.

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