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Re: An X problem

On Thu, 4 Dec 1997, Paul Rightley wrote:

> XF86Config files that provided some usable modes.  However, if I exit X and then
> restart it (with startx), my machine will hang (i.e. no keystrokes will modify
I've got the same problem with the same video card,  and I'm running a
pretty-much up-to-date unstable system. 

I reported it as a bug at www.xfree86.org,  and the author said he hadn't
received any other reports of the sort,  and couldn't reproduce it.  It
might make sense to file one yourself,  just for the sake of having more
than one report of the problem.

> To get around this for now, I have started using xdm.  Now I have noticed that
> my backspace key is not working (except in xterms).  I do not know if this is
Yes,  I've started using kdm.  This doesn't help when I need to switch
colordepths,  of course.

I have,  on occasion,  been able to restart X,  never more than once
without a reboot.  This seems to work better somehow after I'm running kdm
and kill it,  but I've got no idea why.  Several people have suggested to
me that the XAA stuff in the current SVGA server is a little screwy,  and
should be disabled in XF86Config,  but this didn't do much for me.

I also tried downloading the precompiled binary of Xfree 3.3.1 from
ftp.xfree86.org,  and it displayed the same behavior.  Often,  tho,  if I
switched between the 3.3 and the 3.3.1 server back and forth,  I could
restart X.  This is,  of course,  a rediculous way to run the machine.

	Sorry I don't have any concrete solutions for you at the moment,
but if I find any I'll surely let you know.

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