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Re: How to make boot + root disk? - Please Help!

Great! thanks!!

I think that will help...


On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Alan Su wrote:

> Debian List wrote (Wed, 3 Dec 1997 17:37:43 -0800 (PST) ):
> |>Hi,
> |>
> |>How can I make a bootable diskette that has a minimal root filesystem on
> |>it (maybe just mount, cp, ps, e2fsck, /etc and probably no networking)??
> |>
> |>I know how to make a bootable disk by copying the kernel and using rdev,
> |>however I don't know how I'd place a root filesystem on the diskette.
> |>
> |>This would be extremely useful for disaster recovery, like the goof I did
> |>yesterday by accidentally wiping out ld.so
> |>
> |>Please advise!
> |>
> Ricardo-
> I considered doing such a thing myself.  What you need to realize
> however, is that when you make a disk bootable by copying the kernel,
> it precludes sticking a filesystem on the same disk.  What you really
> need to do is the following:
>  - create the filesystem on the disk (probably using mke2fs for an
>    ext2 filesystem)
>  - install the files you want (basic stuff in /etc, /bin, etc.)
>  - copy the basic striped down kernel to the new filesystem
>  - install lilo into the MBR of the disk (making sure you edit
>    lilo.conf to point to the new root partition) to load the kernel
> I haven't actually done this, but I think there's a HOWTO which will
> give you a skeleton of the files you'll need.  Hope that helps (if
> only a little...)
> -alan

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