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Re: video problems

> I sent a note about this problem a week or so ago and got back some mailer
> daemon error messages so I'm not sure it made it. I apologize if this is a
> duplication. I'm having trouble with xdm. Every couple times the user
> exits the window manager, the machine hangs with a black screen and red
> and blue vertical lines. The only thing to do at this point is a hard
> reboot. This has happened with a range of kernels (now it's using 2.0.32)
> so it seems to me that either the video card (an S3 Virge) or the driver
> is at fault. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Again, this
> doesn't happen every time. I'd say once in ever 5 or 6 tries. Thanks,

I'm seeing this regularly, with a Kelvin 64 pci video card.  A flashing blue & red?   and the lcd says my monitor is switching back & forth between the 1024x768 and regular svga.  It happens every time the window manager shuts down, though it didn't used to.  I'm about ready to add a reboot as part of logout :)

anyway, i've found that i can reboot with the 3 finger salute during the blank (non X) part of the flash; at least this preserves the fs and dismounts properly.


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