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Install disks (was pcmcia install -- off topic)

I am almost reluctant to reply further to this (probably unfortunately 
not reluctant enough).

I don't personally know anyone that trys to install an operating
system without reading about how to do the task.  I don't personally
care one way or the other what name was assigned to the disk. 
However, at least to me the rescue name does make sense.  When I
personally first installed Debian, the docs told me that I needed to
use the disk that I had just labled as a rescue disk.  That is easy,
even my short term memory can handle that.  Some days, weeks, or
months later however when your system fails to boot (and none of your
"online" documentation is available) a floppy labled something like
"Debian Rescue" or has a volume name with something that looks like
rescue is more likely to be used than a disk called "install".

While I don't argue that WHEN INSTALLING, a name such as "install"
makes more sense but at that time you DO have docs available to read. 
When your system does not boot the name of the floppy becomes
considerably more important.

> "Evacuation vehicle remark

One does not NEED a lable for their automobile to choose to use it 
should the need arise.  OTOH, when one is digging through piles of 
floppy disks for something that might help them out when their system 
fails "rescue" sounds like a lot more likely candidate (at least to 
me) than does install.


> /continuing off-topic rant
> Uh, yes i did read something like that in the doc.  So what you're
> saying is that there _is_ no install floppy, but you can use the
> rescue floppy to install your system.  That's handy.  And what luck!
>  Otherwise we would have had a complete distribution, including
> rescue facilities (!), but no-one would have been able to use it,
> because we forgot to make an install floppy.
> I just wanted to note that:
>   * you've got to read this in the doc, --- it wasn't clear to me at
>     first glance (note: as it very well could have been),
>   * at your first contact with debian, you'll find that the floppy
>     you need for install is called "rescue", now that's a comforting
>     thought --- not.
>   * as a broken analogy: considering you _can_ use your car as an 
>     evacuation vehicle in times of trouble, how would you call your
>     car?
> greetings,
> jan.

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