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Re: SCSI Drives

Luis Francisco Gonzalez wrote:
> my hard disk is getting too small (or rather debian is growing...) and it's
> time to get a new SCSI disk. Could people share with me their experiences as
> to what disks were reliable and fast?

Cheap, reliable, fast. You know you can have only two of those three at
most, right? :-) Personally, I've had good experiences with the IBM
DORS 32160 - 2Gig, not too slow, very reliable. I have two in my box
here at home, and another two in a box at work.

Thomas Baetzler, thb@regioservice.de, thb@spectre.ka.sub.org
   <A HREF="http://home.pages.de/~thb/";>thb's Homepage</A>

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