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Re: pcmcia install -- off topic

On Monday, 1 December 1997, Bill Leach writes:

> > As an aside, why call the debian setup floppy "resc1440.bin" when it
> > could be named something like "boot.bin", or "debian.bin" (alongside
> > debi1200.bin/boot1200.bin)?
> Well, because it _is_ a "rescue" floppy and can be used to boot and
> recover the system in the event of catastrophic failures (in the really
> extreme case of failure the second disk might be needed too).

/continuing off-topic rant
Uh, yes i did read something like that in the doc.  So what you're saying 
is that there _is_ no install floppy, but you can use the rescue floppy 
to install your system.  That's handy.  And what luck!  Otherwise we would
have had a complete distribution, including rescue facilities (!), but 
no-one would have been able to use it, because we forgot to make an install 

I just wanted to note that:
   * you've got to read this in the doc, --- it wasn't clear to me at
     first glance (note: as it very well could have been),
   * at your first contact with debian, you'll find that the floppy
     you need for install is called "rescue", now that's a comforting
     thought --- not.
   * as a broken analogy: considering you _can_ use your car as an 
     evacuation vehicle in times of trouble, how would you call your car?



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