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Little endian vs. Big endian -- problems untarring a Solaris tape in Linux

Hi.  We're having a problem un-tarring a tar tape in Linux that was
made under Solaris.  I recall having the exact same problem when I tried
to untar a Solaris tape on an SGI.  The problem was that one machine used
"little-endian" representations for numbers on the tape, while the other
used "big-endian".

The solution on the SGI was to use a special device (i.e. /dev/?????) that
allowed the tape to be read the tape properly.

The current tape device we are using is "/dev/st0".  Is there a device on
Linux that will read different-endian tapes.  I notice /dev/st0a, /dev/st0l,
and /dev/st0m -- should I try these?  Do I need to make a new device file with

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


-- Harmon

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