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[Off Topic] Dumb Perl Question...


Sorry for this stupid question but I'm hoping someone can shed some light,
and I'm a 'Perl Beginner'...  I'm writing a suid perl script which needs
to search through a whole bunch of files in a directory and return some
information.  It all works fine except that the tainting doesn't like me. 

It complains with the error:

Insecure dependency in glob while running with -T switch at /dev/fd/3 line

And the relating lines are:

while (</usr/local/lpac/*9j8>) {

How do I untaint the glob, or better yet access it so that it's not
tainted to start with (if that's possible)? The files I'm accessing are
safe as only root can write to them, but I'd like to do this the 'right

I can't find anything relevant to this in the docs/web/books (doubtless
I'm just looking in the wrong places) and it's starting to get
irritating :)

Any help much appreciated,



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