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Re: Mounting a FAT32 filesystem under Linux?

On Fri, 28 Nov 1997, debian mail recipient wrote:

> Hello all.  Does anyone know if there is a kernel module that allows Linux to mount
> a FAT32 filesystem?
I think the code for this is currently in beta or pre-stable release
stage,  so it's not included in the standard debian kernel sets.  Check
out www.linuxhq.com;  they seem to have a lot of kernel patches.

>  What exactly is FAT32.  I'm assuming its a dos filesystem that
This is a filesystem used by the newer (OSR2) Win95 systems.  Essentially,
it does a better job of allocating disk clusters to files on big drives (>
1 gig),  thereby cutting back on wasted space if you have lots of small
files (most of us do).  The older system was called FAT16,  and the FAT16
with Win95 long filenames is called VFAT.


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