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Re: pci problem

At 11:12 PM 11/27/97 -0600, you wrote:
Debian won't let me partition my drive. When I boot my machine with the rescue disk it loads root.bin then it loads Linux. during the Linux load process it scrolls by and says that it doesn't recognize my PCI card. When I try to partition my drive it say did not find any drives on system, perhaps they are not connected right. I have a "Gateway 2000 UDMA" PCI Controller card. Does Debian support this card, is there a driver for it? or am I "SOL" Thanks Brian Turk

This is the EXACT smae problem I am having except (don't you have it when ppl do that?) It will no give me an error, detecting my ZIP drive instead mabey? I think that anybody that could provide info on this card would be of great help to both of us. Also Brian have you called Gateway yet? I haven't because I figured that they wouldn't support any OS that they didn't ship? Let me know

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