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Linux filesystem from DOS?

Jones, David A \(CAP, ITS, US\) writes:
 > Hi Team-
 > I was wondering if anyone has a method of writing Linux / Un*x filenames
 > from DOS apps. You know- where we have more than 1 "period" in the
 > filename like xxxxx.yyy.zz? I have to move some files back & forth, but
 > DOS changes the name to xxxxx-yyy.zz so when I try to use gunzip, etc,
 > I get an error saying the file has been modified or corrupted. I tried
 > renaming the file back to xxxxx.yyy.zz before un-tarring or
 > uncompressing but it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas? Thanks for your
 > time.

  Did you use FTP to upload/download the file to/from Unix/Linux using
DOS?  If that is the case, you probably overlooked that DOS FTP
sessions use 'ASCII' transfer modes instead of 'BINARY'.  This would
count for the corrupted compressed format, reported by tar.

  When you start an FTP session on a DOS platform, you need to do an
explicit 'binary' command to set the transfer to binary.  On Unix
systems this is the default mode of operation.

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