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Re: K6 and Debian (and heatsinks)

Most CPU fans I've seen come with a pad of conductive [something] which
goes between the processor and the heatsink.  I would think that something
like this would be essential, given that the surfaces are probably not
perfectly flat (on a nano scale).

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Frank Sergeant wrote:
>      Does anyone have any experience with this?  In
> the old days, voltage regulators and power transistors
> and such hot-running ICs usually were not just attached
> to their heatsinks bare, but were smeared with
> heatsink/thermal compound first in order to provide better
> heat transfer than a bare connection would provide.
>      However, I have gathered that the typical CPU
> heatsink is just put on bare.  Is this just laziness
> on the part of assemblers or is there some legitimate
> reason to think the heatsink compound is not needed
> with CPUs?

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