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Re: netscape

dpk wrote:
> Have you looked in your ~/.netscape direcotry for a file named
> 'lock'??  If it exists, quit your netscape applications and
> rm ~/.netscape/lock and then restart.  Sometimes netscape
> will be improperly shut down and not remove its lockfile.
> Thanks,
> Dennis
> --
> dpk <dpk@egr.msu.edu>, Systems/Network         |  work: 353.4844
> Division of Engineering Computing Services     |  page: 222.5875

Yes, that's what I thought at first, but it doesn't
correct the problem.  I can remove the locks, kill
all the Netscape processes and it still won't start
up.  It does create new process id's and locks 
each time I try to start it.  For example, I'm
using it now, but I had to start Netscape 5 times
before it came up on the screen.  So there are 5
process IDs now showing "netscape" on them!

Thanks for the advice, though, I appreciate your
quick response!

Jess Stryker

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