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Re: tar, cpio, or cp?

"Frere Roy" <frereroy@taize.fr> writes:

> Your question prompted me to think about the way I make backups of
> my Debian system to tape.
> I use:  tar cvf /dev/st0 . 
> Could someone on the list please tell me if I can restore my
> complete working system from the archive made in this fashion - or
> suggest a better way !

I regulary create backups of my whole system using tar on SCSI tapes.
After repartitioning my hard discs I was able to restore one of these
backups without any problem, no manual intervention was neccessary.  I
just mkefs all filesystem, mounted them as neccessary, did the
restore, and adjusted the /etc/fstab and /etc/lilo.conf.  Lilo just
run once and my system was working again.


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