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Netscape will not start-up.  I've been using
this version of Netscape without trouble for
months.  When started, a pid is assigned and
issuing a "pidof netscape" confirms that the
process exists.  After several tries Netscape
will finally start after complaining that it
is already running.  This occurs regardless
of whether I am connected to my ISP or not.

As stated, I have not changed any of the
Netscape files or settings that I am aware of,
this problem just appeared one day.  The only
thing I can think of is that I periodically
upgrade my Debian packages every couple of
months, and I did run an upgrade shortly
prior to this problem occuring.  No other
programs seem to be suffering.  Anyone else
having this problem or anyone with any
suggestions.  I can find no error messages
in the logs related to this.

I also tried updating to the new Communicator
4.04 and it exhibits the exact same behavior
as the old 3.01 version.

Jess Stryker
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