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RE: upgrade debian1.2 to 1.3

Hi Marc;

You ldconfig warning message is probably NOT the reason why your upgrade 
is not succeeding.  That is just a message from ldconfig saying that one 
of the library directories that it wants to process does not exist and 
as the warning indicates, it skips and goes on.

Not successfully installing the upgraded libc5 OTOH is probably a 
serious problem.  How are you installing (ftp, CDROM, local files)?

If you can do a dpkg -i <path>libc5_xxxx.deb then you will get a 
meaningful error message.

Libc5 Version: 5.4.33-6 (what I have on this machine) pre-depends upon 
Pre-Depends: ldso (>= 1.7.14-2) which probably is already installed but 
you can check with:
"dpkg --status ldso"


> Hi,
> When I want to upgrade from Debian 1.2 to 1.3 following the 
> instructions in the Web page i get the following error:
> dpkg -i ldso_1.8.10-2.deb
> ........
> "ldconfig:warning:can't open /usr/local/lib, skipping..."
> I get the same with package libc5*.deb
> The system does not do the upgrade.
> Regards,
> Marc.Fleureck@cmlag.fgov.be

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