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Re: question seeing background process

> Hi can I do the fg on vertual consloes.  Lets say when I go home and login
> with telnet?

Here's the deal (as far as I am aware):

Using CTRL-Z you can suspend a running process.  If you then want that
process to go into the background (so it continues running) then you can
do so by issuing the command 'bg %<job#>' (you can find out the job number
by the command 'jobs'.  If you now want to be able to control it again by
bringing it to the foreground you can do so by the command 'fg <job#>'. 

If you exit your shell, under most circumstances, the process will end. 
If you know that you are going to exit your shell (cause you are on a
dial-up maybe?) and want the process to keep running after you exit your
shell, you can run the command to start with 'nohup <command>' which means
that the process is not associated with your tty, so will not be forced to
exit when you exit the shell.

If you want to be able to control a process from several different tty's
(say a big compile from work and then at home) there is a command called
'screen' which will allow you to do this (I don't use it though so check
the man page).


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