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problems with booting from PCMCIA SCSI drive

I've a desktop system with an external SCSI disk which carries my Debian
GNU/Linux V1.3 system. Now, when I want to connect this drive to my
portable using an inserted SlimSCSI 1460 card, I've to make an initrd
image (on my desktop), which I've read in the PCMCIA HOWTO (dated Oct 9,
1997) since the kernel does not include the PCMCIA drivers. When I run
the script pcinitrd to create an initrd image, I get a message that the
systty could not be found. Since I suppose that it is not included in
Debian, I removed it from the pcinitrd script and gor the initrd image. 
When I then use Loadlin to boot from the portable using an zImage and
the (gzipped) initrd, I get the following messages: 

ext2fs warning: mounting unchecked fs
VFS: mounted root
VFS: cannot open root device 08:02
Kernel panic: VFS:unable to mount root fs on 08:02.

Thank you in advance for any help.


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