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Re: user questions

Torsten Hilbrich <Torsten.Hilbrich@bln.de> writes:

> Sten Anderson <sten@bergsoe.k-net.dk> writes:
> > A third proposal:
> > 
> > 3) Write a "Debian Novice Guide" (lets get rid of that ugly
> >    n... word!), and make this guide a frequent posting to this list.
> Take a look at 
>         http://www.linuxpress.com/debuser.htm
> I havn't read the document yet but it calls itself "The Debian Linux
> User's Guide".  It is available in printed form with ISBN 0-9659575-0-0.

I have read it, and it is an excellent and highly recommneded
book. But my intension was not a book, but a short 1 or 2 page
document providing pointers to, amongst other things, this book. 

I imagine something like a META-RTFM. A short (regularly updated)
document saying where all those "fine" manuals are.  

It could be a frequent posting to this list, or be an initial posting
to all new subscribers. 

- Sten Anderson

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