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Re: S3Virge video card: SVGA or S3V xserver?

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, Ronan LEBREF - STAGIAIRE A FT.BD/CNET/DTD/EST wrote:

> distribution. I choose to use the SVGA xserver for my S3Virge video card. 
> Everything works fine but I'm just wondering something I didn't understood in 
> the docs. What are the main differences between the SVGA and S3V xserver for 
> this video card? What would be the best to be installed?

They're figuring that the SVGA driver will eventually replace S3V.  For
right now,  it's recommended that you use whichever one seems to work
better.  I've found that SVGA is a little faster with my Diamond 3D 3000,
but sometimes crashes if I try to "startx" again after exiting,  so I've
learned to run xdm/kdm...


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