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Re: Q: Pointer for libc6 upgrade

Mark, I agree with you.  Indeed, in retrospect, I can see that it was a rather bad idea for me to even mention using
"--force" in a message with that subject!

Scott's mini-HOWTO is quite good and there is only ONE statement that is not completely clear to me.

"If you wish to do libc6 development, you should first purge
all the  '-dev' packages on your system, the new development
system will use packages with the suffix '-dev' for libc6
development and '-altdev' for libc5 development.  You will
wish to install the latest libc5 ..."

Though I have not tried this yet (the machine with the
development environment has not yet been upgraded) but I
presume that by "... first purge all the '-dev' packages
..." he is referring to using dselect or dpkg and NOT to
going in and deleting the files with 'rm'.

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