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Re: netscape

Dale Martin wrote:
> No problem.  You did disprove my theory of mine however.  Normally, when I
> post to this list, if I don't get a response within 15 minutes one never
> comes. :-)

There's a link to Heilsenberg's (sp?) Uncertainty Principle there
somewhere :)

> Well, I'm running 3.3.1-1, I and have a directory
> "/usr/i486-linuxlibc1". It has in it:
> ./include
> ./include/paper.h
> ./include/X11
> ./lib
> ./lib/libpaper.a
> ./lib/libpaper.so
> Should there be anything else in it?

Mine has

  ./lib/X11/app-defaults -> ../../../X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults
  ./lib/X11/locale -> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale

The XErrorDB & XKeysymDB files also used to be symlinked to
/usr/X11r6/lib/X11 but aren't any more (although *I* don't remeber
changing them)

"Normality is a statistical illusion." -- me

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