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Laptop Monitors

This may not be an appropriate place to ask this, but does anyone know
the appropriate frequencies to use with Laptop TFT LCD monitors? I chose
the SVGA monitor in the XF86Setup program - and it works, but it only
gives me 320x200 resolution. I know this chipset (CL754x) and monitor
can do 800x600 - that's what I ran windoze in. But none of the higher
monitor choices seem to work - the screen freaks out.

xvidtune doesn't work...it core dumps. I checked in the various config
files, and XF86Setup is only giving me 320x200 settings...any ideas why?

Hey, it works great in 320x200! :P

Side note: xdm doesn't work. I can do startx, and everything is fine.
xdm does nothing...I immediately get the prompt back. Is this a big
problem? If so, what might be wrong? Or can I just use startx (and how
do I get it to automatically start -- when I get the resolution right).

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