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Re: space, time, matter

Brendan <Brendan@odyssee.net> writes:
> I was wondering if you had any documentation on whether space time and 
> matter really exsist.  I am a first year physics student at mcgill 
> university in Montreal Canada.  My argument is that they do not exsist, 
> however, i am having trouble formulating my ideas, if you have any 
> information, it would be most helpful.  

I think the general consensus on this list is that the amount of space
and time around, though not insignificant, is totally dwarfed by the
amount of spam spewed across the net (which is not space, time, or
matter) and the number of totally irrelevant posts to the Debian
lists.  If you have any other questions regarding space, time, and
matter, you might want to read some books by Douglas Adams to make it
perfectly clear that they in fact do not exist.
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