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Re: Stop rc5v2 client, Bovine team won 56 bit secret key challenge!

On Tue, 11 Nov 1997, Britton wrote:

> On Tue, 11 Nov 1997, Nicola Bernardelli wrote:
> > Hello, nice to meet you after so long. Well... did they mention Linux in
> Same to you Nicola.  I have finally given up and dropped one of my
> classes, and I immediately took steps to make sure this didn't
> artificially inflate my GPA by downloading the AWE Howto that you and
> Marcus put together :)  

_Marcus_, really, _he_'s the only author of that fine work.

> > their "press" pages on the WEB? It didn't jump to my eye indeed... nor to
> > Netscrape find text command anyway... And if it is definitely confirmed
> > they didn't, then I won't run their client anymore (apart that I also had
> > notified them a bug for which some of them told it may had been causing
> > some hundreds blocks lost per day). 
> Nor mine, though I didn't look that carefully.  There was some hoopla from
> the guy who ran the client that found the key saying he wished it had been
> a Mac (it was found by an NT machine), but I don't recall anything about
> Linux.  

In fact.

> I have been meaning to look at some of the other efforts that were
> floating around and see if they started in on 64 (I kind of doubt it since
> they didn't have anywhere near the participation bovine did).  In
> particular I know there was one place that would give the winner
> $8000/$10000, and that might be a good place to start a linux team, if
> they have a provision for it and are still around.  What bug was it that
> you found? I have the source to the 56 bit client but havn't gotten around
> to looking at it. 

Just interaction with the proxys... "flush complete" when it had simply
aborted due to the very first net problem occurring (anyway, _my_ opinion
was that those blocks would be sent, sooner or later, not lost... of
course if _any_ time a slow connection causes that thing and nobody is
really watching at the client's output then they are actually lost). 

Ok dear Britton, I'm not running the new client. Best wishes to them. 
BTW: your idea of a Linux team is great... I think there was one here in
debian-user who was pretty expert of cryptography, but that doesn't mean
there are time-resources to dig into the problem and prepare well and fast
running code. (A Debian team! That would be great!)


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