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Re: MTA Suggestion

> >> > George Bonser wrote:
> >> > > I would like to request that exim replace smail as the default MTA for Debian.
> >> > Good idea! Exim is easy as they come.
> >> Hi.
> >> 
> >> Not that simple. Exim doesn't work with fetchmail somehow.
> >> *IF* we fix fetchmail or exim to work with each other, *then*
> >> we may think of changing default MTA. Just my opinion.
>  Not working? In what way? It works fine here, exept when I screw 
>  around with the setups. 


Yes, indeed. Following the insructions in the fetchmail FAQ didn't make
my fetchmail work (neither rewrite option, nor changing exim configuration
file). But since I do agree that exim is seemingly faster than sendmail
and after hearing several "success stries" I poked around and find out
that mda option in .fetchmailrc should also be chanded. But what is the
command? fetchmail man page does not give example for exim. Well, as
usual, Dejanews knew the answer :) Anyway, it *works*.

But my point still holds: while smail is mostly drop-in replacement for
sendmail, exim is *not*. Who knows which other programs count on the
standard behavior of sendmail and need to be reconfigured (in the best
case) or recompiled to work. Yes, exim is much nicer, but it is available
as a debian pakage already. Everyone interested can install it.


Alex Y.

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