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wtmp/ who and w problem. (repost)

Sorry for the repost.. But I _really_ do need help with this problem.
Thanks again!

I upgraded to hamm a few days ago and I am running into a bit of trouble.
I beleve the new wtmp format is the problem. How do I get it working
right again? I tried '> wtmp' to blank the file and relogged in. But
reseting it did not help.
Thanks much!

[bitgate]udjat /usr/bin $> w
  9:40pm  up 2 days,  1:33h,  4 users,  load average: 1.26, 1.33, 1.28
nobrand  ttyp1   7:27am 36:15m  0.00s   ?    -
udjat    ttyp2   9:31pm  1.00s  0.00s   ?    -
udjat    ttyp3   7:18pm 58:15m  0.00s   ?    -
tigger   ttyp0   9:18pm 21:52m  0.00s   ?    -

     WinErr: 001 Windows loaded - System in danger
    ,, /   
   ( ">  _______________________________________________________
  _(-})  B I T B U R N   A C C E S S        System Administrator
.'  ^^   http://www.bitburn.org/       mailto: udjat@bitburn.org

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