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ppp, mgetty, isp, etc. trouble

Can someone help me setup ppp, mgetty and whatever other programs i need
to setup to get a dialup isp working?  Here is what I have:

* ppp 2.3.1-6 <not configured>
* mgetty+sendfax 1.1.9-1 <configured for sending/receiving faxes>
* linux kernel 2.0.31 compiled with ppp support
* 1 static ip connected to a cable modem
* ip masquerading running/working
* 1 33.6 supra on /dev/ttyS1
* bind 8.1.1-4 <not configured>

one thing I'm confused about is how is linux going to assign an ip to the
caller and have it go through ip masq?

also, is there *any* documentation on the pap-secrets and chap-secrets

Thanks in advance,

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