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RE: web question

I like Webmaster in a nutshell from O'Reilly.  What server are you
running. If it's Netscape, you edit /var/httpd/ns-home/*/obj.conf
and magnus.conf.  Add Securiy on and ACLFile path/to/file to magnus.conf
and an AuthTrans clause to obj.conf. E-mail me with your server type
and I can be more specific.

BTW the * above is because i forget that level off the top of my head
and I don't run a server on this machine. It would be NCSA if I did.

On 06-Nov-97 G. Kapetanios wrote:
>I must apologise for asking an irrelevant question but I can't get any
>help from elewhere. Can anyone give me some references to documentation
>discussing setting up password protected web pages (or even better 
>a description of how do that :-) )?
>                                     Sorry and thanks
>                                         George 
>George Kapetanios
>Churchill College
>Cambridge, CB3 0DS    E-Mail: GK205@cus.cam.ac.uk
>U.K.                  WWW: http://garfield.chu.cam.ac.uk/~gk205/work_info.html
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