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Multiple instances (was Using source code for debian; compiling debian)

Hi Richard;

These were not web BROWSERS he was talking about but web SERVERS.  You can not, in anything even remotely resembling a normal system, use two different web servers.

Now in fact if you REALLY want to do this you can, in that you could configure (and probably recompile) one of the servers so that it does not try to use ANY of the resources of the other.  Of course you would also have to use a non-standard protocol or two different physical net interfaces and would then have to either create two non-interacting network software package (or redesign the existing one), and of course alter the kernel, and ...

Basically, asking for two (or more) packages such as web servers is much like asking to be able to use ext2 and vfat32 on the SAME physical partition and expect it to work.


On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

>> Several hundred of the Debian packages will compile automaticaly. A number
>> of them will not, and require a bit of hand tweaking.
>> You can't install _all_ debian packages, as many of them conflict with each
>> other. For example we distribute at least 4 web servers, and you'd only want
>> one.

> I think this is a major shortcoming of the debian package
> system.  Why wouldn't I want to run two different web
> servers?  Two packages that provide the same functionality
> don't need to be mutually exclusive.  Likewise, I'd very
> much like to see support for multiple concurrent package
> instances.  This is key for migration in a production
> environment.  It goes without saying that its a must for a
> development environment.  It would require rethinking
> quite a few things though.

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