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Re: Opera Web Browser

On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Paul J Thompson wrote:

> I recently was looking to see if the web browser Opera was available for 
> Linux.  Well, when looking at their site I discovered that they are currently 
> doing a poll of sorts to see how many Linux users (along with some other OSs) 
> would be interested in their browser.  They have pledged that if they have 
> 3000 Linux people interested by the end of November (when the poll closes) 
> that they will start working on developement.
> I don't know how many of you have used Opera in Windows, but it is great.  
> Opera is a <1 MB binary which had many of the fancy features of Netscape and 
> IE4 without the overhead weight.  It is quite nice.  Plus, back in my older 
> days of pre-linux, it was the only browser I could get to install in Win3.11 
> with only an EGA monitor.  That is how cool they are!
> Anyways, I wanted to encourage all my fellow Debian users to go to their page 
> and respond.  I know it isn't 100% kosher Debian Free Software Guideline 
> software, but it would nicely replace those other two web browsers (what were 
> they called) on the linux desktop.

Yes, it would be good to have an alternative browser available.
Thanks also for posting the url ;-) <http://www.winopera.com/>

Don't forget mnemonic though, it _is_ free software. <http://www.mnemonic.org>



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