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Re: [SOLVED] man problem, bo

Christian Leutloff wrote:
> Pann McCuaig <pann@agora.rdrop.com> writes:
> > Somehow both permissions and ownership got changed on /tmp.  Oops!
> me too - after upgrading from 1.3.1 to unstable. Have you upgraded
> too?? Do you know which package!? I've updated a whole bunch of
> packages 8-(

With this line you can find the offending package:

$ for j in `find <path> -name '*.deb'` ;do echo $j; dpkg -c $j | grep '/tmp/$'; done 

But I don't think that you'll find one.

In my experience this happens when untarring directly under /tmp a 
tarball containing ./
Better make a new dir under /tmp and untar inside it.

When happens use chmod 1777 /tmp to recreate the sticky bit.

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