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Re: Monster 3D (was Re: best Linux video card)


On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Gary L. Hennigan wrote:

> On Tue, 4 Nov 1997 Oleg Krivosheev (kriol@fnal.gov) wrote:
> >On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Pere Camps wrote:
> >> Oleg,
> >> 
> >> > are 3dfx based - check diamond monster 3d.
> >> > you'll have accelerated OpenGL under
> >> > Linux and Windows and can play
> >> > GLQuake with decent frame rate.
> >> 
> >> 	Does the monster need a 2D card, or can it provide 2D graphics as
> >> well?
> >
> >i believe you have to have 2D card as well.
> >Any cheap (~$50) S3 card will do it.
> >My friend just bought diamond monster 3d
> >and will install debian in a couple of days.
> >I'll inform you about the results
> 	The 3Dfx cards are passthru, i.e., they only supply 3D
> capabilities. They rely on a 2D card being installed in the machine
> and an external cable connects the two. I have one in my PC, along
> with a Millenium I, and had no trouble with Debian and it coexisting
> peacefully. Debian was installed before I installed my Monster 3D, but
> I doubt it would make a difference. As far as I can tell Linux
> completely ignores my 3Dfx based Monster 3D.
> 	Oleg is correct in that any cheap 2D card will do,
> unfortunately, as far as I know, that's all Linux uses so you're
> likely to be unhappy with the Linux/X video performance if you have a
> cheap 2D card.

that's not true. See below

> 	Does anyone know of a GL library that takes advantage of the
> 3Dfx under Linux? 

3dfx ported their Glide library (basically direct hardware interface) 
to Linux. Mesa (free opengl clone) starting with version 2.4 
uses Glide for hardware acceleration. Mesa folks
got essentially the same frame rate under Linux as
with 3dfx W32 miniOGL driver. Check Mesa web page

> It'd be great to display GL apps running on my SGI
> workstation at work on my PC at home but as far as I know SGI's are
> the only platform with full GL support.

these are not quite related questions.
In order to show GL apprs remoutely you have to
have GLX X server extension. There is some work underway
to have Mesa registered as XFree GLX extension.

On standalone computer Mesa provides full OpenGL 1.1
implementation (well, almost). 



ps  There are work underway to port GLQuake to Linux+Mesa+Glide !!!

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