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Re: lpr does not work (w. HP LaserJet)

> Date sent:      Tue, 04 Nov 1997 09:46:46 -0500
> To:             "TING Ching-Hua" <COP95CHT@sheffield.ac.uk>
> From:           JD Thomlinson <jthom@xnet.com>
> Subject:        Re: lpr does not work (w. HP LaserJet)
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> Printing to a HP LaserJet requires that you send an 
> initialization control sequence to the printer that tells 
> the printer to use a CRLF for each LF the printer receives. 
> I created a simple printcap filter to do this, and to allow 
> selection of monospaced font sizes. If you would like I can 
> send you my simple filter.
> Best Regards, JohnT

I am glad to receiving your filter.

With thanks and regards,
Ching-Hua Ting

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