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Re: modem

joe.h@snet.net wrote:
> My modem picks up every 10 secs and dials 0.  I think it has something
> to do with mgetty.  Can anyone help?
>         -Joe

I'll help you, but ONLY if you lower ISDN rates for the north-east!
Seriously though, did you perchance install (and partially configure?!)
diald? diald is a demand dialer which does just this job (dial a 
modem and startup ppp/slip when you want to use the net). 

I wouldn't think that mgetty would be causing it. The only scenario
I could see involving mgetty would be if your modem was configured
to auto-dial a number when it sees DTR (which you *can* configure
certain modems to do) and then mgetty trying to send a config string
to the modem, which would fail because the modem was not in command
mode, and then mgetty sleeping for ten seconds, exiting, and then
trying again. To eliminate this possibility, edit /etc/inittab
and comment out (prepend line with '#') any line which has mgetty
in it (ok, there should only be one for your serial line which has
the modem on it, but I like to make no-fail instructions). Then 
do 'kill -HUP 1' which will cause the init process to reread
/etc/inittab and *not run* mgetty. You can then type a 'ps -ax' to 
satisfy yourself that mgetty is not running and then wait and see.
If this does not fix your problem you can reverse this by simply
uncommenting those lines in /etc/inittab and again running 
'kill -HUP 1'. If mgetty *is* the problem you may want to configure
your modem not to dial and the write those settings to nvram
(usually 'at&w') or change the mgetty config string. Either way, if 
you don't figure it out from this you can come back here and we'll
take another look.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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